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the Ministry of Economy and Industry's Commercial Offices worldwide

accept requests which are submitted by certified Israeli companies which hold a tax registration,

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as well as certified associations which hold association ID number.

,לתשומת לבכם

- הנספחויות המסחריות של משרד הכלכלה והתעשייה מקבלות בקשות המוגשות ע"י

.חברה בע"מ, עוסק מורשה, עוסק פטור או עמותות הרשומות אצל רשם העמותות

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1. If I should represent an Israeli company, I undertake to submit documentation attesting to such to the "Israeli Trade and Economic Affairs Office" in the "target country"
2. I undertake not to sell or distribute for monetary consideration, in any manner, the information supplied to me by the "Israeli Trade and Economic Affairs Office" in the target country
3. I undertake to notify in writing the "Israeli Trade and Economic Affairs Office" in the "target country" of transactions, I have carried out as a result of the assistance provided by the Officer/Counselor, subject to rules on business confidentiality